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Ford to get even greener 0

Ford is one of the leaders within the automotive industry when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly ways of working. Nowadays we don’t go too long before we hear of Ford taking on yet another greener method of car production. This time round Ford is working on using natural fibre materials. They have joined forces(…)

The Ford Fusion rolling hot on the heels of the Toyota Camry 0

The 2013 Ford Fusion was released in hope of competing with the Toyota Camry. That’s quite a tough ask as the Camry is a very popular car over in the United States. There have been many “wanabe” challengers to the Camry. There seems to never be a worthy challenge to the vehicle. Toyota always comes(…)

Ford India steadily getting better and better 0

Official statistics read out that Ford’s performance is on the up in India.  Sales in India during August increased by 16 per cent when compared August in 2011. Both wholesales and exports were taken into account. In total 10,352 Ford vehicles were sold last month. August saw Ford export 2,512 cars. As far as exports(…)

Ford number one in Canada for August 0

Ford has remained the number one car maker in Canada. Overall the Canadian car market grew by 6.4 per cent. Brands such as Toyota, General Motors and Chrysler have played their part. Although Ford’s passenger vehicles saw a slight dip in sales, they still managed to finish on top of the sales charts. Truck sales(…)

The 2013 Ford Explorer Sport 1

You don’t get higher than the Sport version. The top trim was first unveiled at the New York Auto Show back in March of this year. Power wise, the super SUV is a beast. The V6 engine churns out 365 BHP. As you can imagine the fuel economy will not be the greatest. It rates(…)

The amazing technology within the new Ford Focus 0

When most people think of a Ford Focus, they think of a delightful, reliable and safe family car. Sure it’s a wonderfully technical car too but many may not realise the great amount of technology that this specific Ford actually contains. The most popular family hatchback in the UK will be one of the most(…)

$11 million Ford GT40 sets auction record 0

Car fans know that the Ford GT40 is an unbelievably powerful superb machine but no one could have imagined that it could be worth $11 million. The car set a brand new record for an American car auction sale. The final price was a lot more than some may have expected. Experts estimated that the(…)

Ford’s advantage in China 0

Ford has gained a large market-share of the truck market over in China. Ford has joined company with Jianling Motors, owning 30 per cent of the company. That way Ford had an easier route into the Chinese market, with greater inside knowledge. That move has worked a treat as Jianling Motors are set to purchase(…)

Why Ford closed business in the Philippines 0

Ford confirmed last month that they will close a plant in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The company have put reasoning behind the fact that the demand in the country is simply too small. The returns for shareholders were deemed unacceptable. The market demand was not justifying the amount of business that goes through the factory, with(…)

Ford set new personal records in China 0

Ford has recently reported record bests in terms of sales in China, the world’s largest automotive market. If you were to handpick a specific market where you would want your sales to increase, it would be China. It’s not only Ford who reported record sales in June within the country. Rivals General Motors also reported(…)