Ford Models

Ford to Unleash the ST-Line 0

Ford is set to release a new upgrade package for both the Fiesta and the Focus. The new package has been placed perfectly for consumers to purchase a sporty vehicle without it being too ‘sporty’. Named the ST-Line, this new package will sit in between the original vehicle and the sportier ST upgrade. So, what(…)

Ford Focus Special Edition 0

Many companies release special edition vehicles as a means to celebrate certain events. Now that the Ford Focus is 40 years old, Ford are releasing a special anniversary edition of one of the most famous hatchback cars of all time. Named the Ford Focus ST200, the vehicle utilises the ST sports variant but goes one(…)

Ford to debut Ka+ later this year 0

Ford referred to their vehicle as “emotional” so we assume it comes preloaded with an Adele album? Sensing an emerging market in the growing ‘supermini’ sector, Ford have announced their new small car, the Ka+, will arrive later on this year, and the car will offer low running costs with the true DNA of a(…)

Ford unveil powerful new ST200 ahead of Geneva Motor Show 0

Ford must have been listening to Snap! lately because they’ve got the power. Ford have revealed their new Ford Fiesta ST200, which will see a boost of power up to 197 bhp, ahead of its official Geneva Motor Show debut. The model is being pedalled as a powerful version of the hot ‘supermini,’ and the(…)

Ford and Volvo try to woo younger buyers at Spanish tech show 0

To attract the younger, millennial generations car makers have realised they have to switch lanes and bypass some of the tech world’s traffic. Following a growing trend of carmakers showcasing their latest models and software at tech shows, Ford and Volvo made appearances at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. Giants of the(…)

Ford releases ‘Colour Editions’ of Fiesta, Focus and B-Max 0

Ford has announced they’re releasing ‘Colour Editions’ of some of their most popular models. The Fiesta, Focus and B-MAX will all now be available to purchase in personalised colour options. According to Ford Social the company decided on the sets of colours through surveying male and female drivers about their colour preferences compared to personality(…)

Ford to test autonomous tech on Cali roads & Google partnership 0

California is fast becoming the driverless state, with Ford receiving a permit to test their autonomous technology there. The state’s DMV has given permission for a Ford Fusion to begin real-world, real-road driverless testing in 2016. Ford has already tested its driverless tech on Michigan public roads and in the University of Michigan’s Mcity facility.(…)

The Ford Mustang is finally in the UK 0

Ford has finally brought the Mustang to the UK… and it doesn’t disappoint. With the steering wheel in the right place and a price that won’t break the bank, drivers in the UK can revel in all the new Ford Mustang’s glory. The new Mustang comes available in two body styles: the Fastback and the(…)

1,500 pre-orders of new Ford Focus RS before a single test drive 0

The next-gen Ford Focus RS is already proving a hit and production hasn’t even started. 1,500 UK buyers have already put down deposits for the car despite never driving one, and a third of those were before the price and specifications were even announced. The entry price was revealed in September to begin at £28,940(…)

Ford releases Vignale Mondeo for upscale European buyers 0

After the Ford unveiled a premium take on the Taurus for the Chinese market, now they are set to release the Vignale Mondeo into the European market, aiming at the more upscale buyers across Europe. New style of Mondeo The new Vignale Mondeo will be available in four-door and estate bodystyles, which will be hand(…)