Ford Model Reviews

The F-150 Pick-Up 0

Back in May, Ford released the technical statistics for the next generation F-150 pick-up. Since that time, many people have been extremely excited, us included.  But with these already excellent statistics, Ford has already managed to get people into more an even bigger frenzy. This has been accomplished by releasing updated statistics. As you can(…)

Ford releases Vignale Mondeo for upscale European buyers 0

After the Ford unveiled a premium take on the Taurus for the Chinese market, now they are set to release the Vignale Mondeo into the European market, aiming at the more upscale buyers across Europe. New style of Mondeo The new Vignale Mondeo will be available in four-door and estate bodystyles, which will be hand(…)

Why we love the Ford Focus Hatchback 0

Reliable, stylish and always one step ahead of rivals, the Ford Focus has it all. We’ll explain what attributes make it consistently one of the best selling cars in the world in our article today. Perhaps the car’s best-selling point is that there so many variants to choose from! There is a variant for every(…)

Ford Transit Connect Review 0

The Ford Transit Connect is an extremely versatile vehicle with some superb attributes making it a great van. We take a look at some of our favourite features in our review of the van today. Versatile The Ford Transit Connects versatility is possibly one of its most attractive features. There are so many different variants that(…)

Ford Fusion Review 0

The Ford Fusion was introduced to the UK market in 2002. At first it caused a stir but has turned out to be a pretty decent car with its production still ongoing. We take a look at what we think are the car’s best features. Comfort It’s a family car which offers a great amount(…)

Ford Ranger Review 0

Today we review the Ford Ranger, a vehicle which is quite rare amongst the UK roads. There isn’t much a market for the pickup truck this side of the Atlantic Ocean but it doesn’t mean that the car doesn’t contain some great features. We review our favourite attributes of the car in today’s article. Practicality(…)

Ford S-Max MPV 1

The Ford S-Max is one of the best family cars available on the market. We take a further in depth review and highlight why it is one of the finest cars out there. Style The Ford S-Max is one of the most stylish family cars available on the UK market. It adds that extra bit(…)

Ford Streetka Review 0

The Ford Streetka is a sportier and more powerful variant of the Ford Ka. Like the original Ka, it is a stylish and an affordable car. The car ended production in 2006 after a three year life span. We review our favourite points about the vehicle in today’s article. Running Costs Running the car will(…)

Ford C-Max Review 0

The Ford C-Max has taken the UK market by storm since its arrival in 2003. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that really stands out within its class. It has been introduced into the American market recently thanks to its tremendous success around Europe. Our review looks at some specific characteristics that we believe make the car(…)

Ford Focus Estate review 0

We have discussed the Ford already in previous articles, but today we look at estate version. It may not be to everyone’s tastes but we take a look as to why it can actually be a fantastic option for many motorists. Driving the car Many experts recommend buying the Ford Focus estate purely on the(…)