Concept Cars

Ford has patented a shrinking car 0

In an interesting quirk of an idea, Ford has designed a small car that can be made even smaller. The carmaker has filed a patent for a car that folds, according to Autoblog. The idea behind the design is to create minimalistic transport alternatives for crowded and congested megacities, such as those currently expanding rapidly(…)

Personalisation To The Max 0

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the 2017 Ford GT. For those who are unaware, the car is already extremely popular after gaining huge fame from the extremely long application list. After the company announced that they will only be making 250 of the vehicles a year, order numbers became so high that(…)

A Testament To Change 0

Finally some good emissions news is starting to surface. We have been plagued with scandals and cheating from multiple companies all over the globe. For example, we have seen the likes of Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Opel all affected by attempting to cheat diesel emission laws. But finally, there is some good news surfacing in(…)

Ford Focus B-Max Concept 0

Earlier this year we saw Ford showing the new B-Max concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It has been confirmed that the car will go on sale as of early next year, to add to the range that already boasts the C-Max.  The multipurpose vehicle market looks set to gain a new entrant. We take(…)

The new Ford Fiesta ST Concept 0

The Frankfurt Motor Show is highly anticipated and always seems to create headlines. Ford have managed to spring a surprise this year by introducing a new Ford Fiesta ST concept car at the Frankfurt car show. The unveiling of the new Ford Concept today represents their intentions of creating a higher performance of their Fiesta(…)