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A New Face for A New Market? 0

Ford has shown us what the future of their SUV is like, and it looks like a very recognisable. The 2017 Ford Kuga is a European face-lifted version of the American Ford Escape. The Kuga has been present on the roads of the UK since 2008 and we are soon going to see it in(…)

The One and Only Ford Mustang Obsidian Is Soon To Be Auctioned 0

Everyone who loves cars, either dream that they could either build a car or own a fast car. But for one man in the United States, he managed to do both. After completely modifying a 1967 Ford Mustang, he managed to create a one of a kind classic car. Years later, after changing owners multiple(…)

Ford Just Keep on Moving Ford-ward 0

Last month Servicing Stop mentioned that Ford Europe’s sales were up 17%. So, as you know, Ford saw a market share increase of 0.4 percent to 7.3 percent. In their 20 most prominent markets, the auto maker sold 91,700 vehicles, an 18 percent increase from the year prior. But, they haven’t stopped there. In March(…)

Trying To Own the New Ford GT Could Be Like Trying To Win the Lottery 0

This may sound mad but it is true, trying to get your hands on the 2017 Ford GT could be like trying to win the lottery, except for some people as their odds are much more favourable. Ford have released an application process for those who want to own the new GT. After the company(…)

The Ford Mustang Is Now the World’s Best Selling Sports Coupe 0

The Ford Mustang is now the world’s best selling sports coupe in its first year on the global market. So, how was it all accomplished and will the big risk eventually pay off? For the first time ever, Ford opened up the Mustang for sale on the global market. There are many factors for its(…)

Ford’s infotainment system comes to Europe 0

Like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday Ford have realised that Europe is the place for adventure, and will debut its new SYNC 3 infotainment software here later this year. Ford has announced the European arrival of its SYNC 3 infotainment system which is set to debut on the Mondeo, Galaxy and S-MAX and then appear(…)

Ford recall over 50,000 transit wagons in seatbelt glitch 0

Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride – oh wait, you can’t buckle up. And therein lies the problem. Ford are recalling 48,990 models of the 2015-16 Transit van built between February 13th 2014, and January 13th after it has been found that a heavy object has the potential to damage the rear(…)

Ford sales in Europe grow 17 percent 0

Af-ford-able Ford’s bring in the riches. Ford Motor Co. revealed their new vehicle sales figures in Europe had leapt 17% in February this year, defying statistics and overtaking the auto industry’s growth across Europe. Across all 50 European markets, Ford sold a reported 104,500 vehicles during the month. Ford’s own sales growth far exceeded industry(…)

Ford patent movie screen windshield for autonomous cars 0

“Eyes on the road!” is a phrase that Ford hope to make redundant in a few years. In news that is both pioneering and perplexing in equal measure, a patent has been filed in the United States by Ford for a new software/design concept that would see autonomous cars fitted with screens on the windshield(…)

Ford trucks investigated for brake failure 0

We would say that’s certainly put the brakes on Ford’s momentum, but it’s the brakes that have stopped working. The federal government in the United States is currently investigating brake failures on Ford’s F-150 pickup trucks – one of their best selling models in the country – manufactured between 2013 and 2014. The National Highway(…)