Ford Again, Again 0

Sorry for this in advance, but Ford may have to issue another recall, and it is in the United States again. So yes, this article will be another recall based piece. This specific recall (which has actually yet to happen) is rather interesting because of the source of the problem. The vehicle affected is the(…)

Ford Australia In Court 0

Ford Australia is in a very confusing court case at this moment in time. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of class action law suits occurring right now. Everyone knows about the US and Volkswagen case as it has been in the news nonstop. More recently there has been a call for Ford to(…)

Ford’s Indonesian Trouble 0

Ford may be in a lot of trouble in Indonesia over the sudden loss of investment in the country. Although many in the motoring world don’t know why this has happened, many believe that huge competition from other competitors have led the American based company to pull out of Indonesia completely. The Indonesian market is(…)

A Testament To Change 0

Finally some good emissions news is starting to surface. We have been plagued with scandals and cheating from multiple companies all over the globe. For example, we have seen the likes of Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, Fiat and Opel all affected by attempting to cheat diesel emission laws. But finally, there is some good news surfacing in(…)

Ford Driving App 0

The automotive worlds move towards mobility has been utterly incredible in just the last year. We have seen the rise of car hailing and sharing companies and car manufactures investing in them, alongside apps which promote convenience.  The mobility world seems to have no boundaries at this moment, as each company attempts to figure out(…)

Ford Can’t Get A Break 0

When you usually hear this phrase said, you automatically think the worst. This time round however, Ford literally cannot get a break due to the high demand for their vehicles.  This is of course excellent news for the company as an entity on its own, but for the workers, not so much. Ford in North(…)

Ford’s Electric Plan 0

The world of the electric car is rapidly growing in size and it only plans to get bigger in the coming few years. In the US a few years ago, Tesla was the only company who sold or even began thinking about the idea of selling electric based vehicles. Now however, the tables have turned(…)

The 2017 Ford Fusion 0

Some time ago we talked about the 2017 Ford Fusions mid-cycle facelift and stated that the vehicle is an American model. We also mentioned that the vehicle was the cousin of the European Ford Mondeo and therefore, we should expect a mid-cycle facelift here soon too. So, there are multiple new features which will be(…)

2017 Ford EcoSport 0

The Ford EcoSport has been available for purchase since 2012. It is now four years on and the vehicle is undergoing a mid-cycle facelift. The compact SUV has been a huge hit in specific markets including China, India and South America. Of course the car will be adapted for different markets, but the general look(…)

The Ford Fiesta 2018 0

The Ford Fiesta is set for its upgrade to the next generation. Labelled the 2018 Fiesta, we expect it to be released towards the end of 2017 and it will be an excellent car. We understand that the vehicle will become a lot bigger and longer in order for it to compete in a different(…)