Ford Have Apple and Google in Mind for Their Future Business Plans 0

Ford is one of the major car manufacturers and provides a variety of cars. From the Focus to the Transit Van and the i8 supercar, at every automotive level, Ford is there for its customers. So, with a record amount of sales last year, it can be argued that Fords current business model is working.(…)

Ford Are Expanding… Again 0

Although it really won’t spark too much interest in Europe and the UK, Ford are planning to expand again with huge investments hitting two US factories. This news comes soon after it was announced that Ford are planning to create a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico which will concentrate on Ford’s smaller vehicles. So, Ford(…)

Ford Have Pulled Out of Electric Range Race Already… 0

You can argue that Ford has either pulled out of the electric range race or, you could argue that they were never in it. Either way, Ford has insisted that they are not concerned with its rival companies who are competing to create an electric car with the furthest range. Ford does not believe that(…)

A New Face for A New Market? 0

Ford has shown us what the future of their SUV is like, and it looks like a very recognisable. The 2017 Ford Kuga is a European face-lifted version of the American Ford Escape. The Kuga has been present on the roads of the UK since 2008 and we are soon going to see it in(…)

The One and Only Ford Mustang Obsidian Is Soon To Be Auctioned 0

Everyone who loves cars, either dream that they could either build a car or own a fast car. But for one man in the United States, he managed to do both. After completely modifying a 1967 Ford Mustang, he managed to create a one of a kind classic car. Years later, after changing owners multiple(…)

Ford Just Keep on Moving Ford-ward 0

Last month Servicing Stop mentioned that Ford Europe’s sales were up 17%. So, as you know, Ford saw a market share increase of 0.4 percent to 7.3 percent. In their 20 most prominent markets, the auto maker sold 91,700 vehicles, an 18 percent increase from the year prior. But, they haven’t stopped there. In March(…)

Trying To Own the New Ford GT Could Be Like Trying To Win the Lottery 0

This may sound mad but it is true, trying to get your hands on the 2017 Ford GT could be like trying to win the lottery, except for some people as their odds are much more favourable. Ford have released an application process for those who want to own the new GT. After the company(…)

The Ford Mustang Is Now the World’s Best Selling Sports Coupe 0

The Ford Mustang is now the world’s best selling sports coupe in its first year on the global market. So, how was it all accomplished and will the big risk eventually pay off? For the first time ever, Ford opened up the Mustang for sale on the global market. There are many factors for its(…)