Ford and Volvo try to woo younger buyers at Spanish tech show 0

To attract the younger, millennial generations car makers have realised they have to switch lanes and bypass some of the tech world’s traffic. Following a growing trend of carmakers showcasing their latest models and software at tech shows, Ford and Volvo made appearances at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week. Giants of the(…)

Ford’s infotainment system comes to Europe 0

Like Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday Ford have realised that Europe is the place for adventure, and will debut its new SYNC 3 infotainment software here later this year. Ford has announced the European arrival of its SYNC 3 infotainment system which is set to debut on the Mondeo, Galaxy and S-MAX and then appear(…)

Ford create “world’s worst road” 0

Not a PR disaster and not an accident; though a seemingly strange thing to celebrate, Ford are proud to show off their ‘world’s worst’ creation. Ford created the pothole laden track of road that stretches for over a mile as part of a fifty mile stretch of test tracks in order to test their vehicles(…)

Ford will make you work for the new GT 0

Ford are channelling Shania Twain when it comes to selling their forthcoming supercar. So you have enough money in the bank to buy the car? That don’t impress them much. We have previously reported on the almost feverish levels of excitement around the launch of Ford’s newest supercar, and it is now been revealed that(…)

Ford looking to expand SUV range, streamline profits 0

Following a return to profit in Europe for the first time in four years, they can certainly af-Ford to expand. Announcing plans of a new profit-driven strategy for their European models, Ford will streamline their core range, up their status in the competitive high profit vehicle sectors and plan to launch more SUVs. In their(…)

Demand for Ford GT supercar reaches super heights 0

Getting behind the wheel of Ford’s new supercar is up to the wheel of fortune as demand skyrockets. The Ford GT Supercar is yet to be priced, but that isn’t stopping hopeful pre-orders flooding in. Disappointment is inevitable – a deeper life lesson for you all – as less than 28 of the cars are(…)