Is the Ford Mustang no longer a pure muscle car? 0

Since its release, the Ford Mustang has been an iconic muscle car across the world, containing power and and attitude in abundance. Being in its celebratory 50th year, many believe that the car hasn’t quite maintained it’s fierce demeanor. The Mustang has been so iconic to so many that it has embodied what an American(…)

Will 2015 be Ford’s year? 1

Ford are known for being one of the top automotive producers in the UK. For decades, they have been on top simply because they never sit still, always managing to strengthen their appeal within the automotive market, keeping current customers intrigued and catching the interest of new customers. The launch of several new models this(…)

Ford’s new F-150 Raptor 0

Take a look at Ford’s finest pickup yet. The American automotive company claim that it is their “toughest, smartest, most capable truck for ultimate off-road performance”. Based on what they have presented to us so far, it is quite hard to disagree with that statement. EcoBoost keeping Ford one step ahead Despite Ford downsizing their(…)

Why we love the Ford Focus Hatchback 0

Reliable, stylish and always one step ahead of rivals, the Ford Focus has it all. We’ll explain what attributes make it consistently one of the best selling cars in the world in our article today. Perhaps the car’s best-selling point is that there so many variants to choose from! There is a variant for every(…)

The Ford GT makes a stunning apperance in Detriot 0

When the Ford GT rolled into Detroit, everyone took notice. Producing a powerful 592 BHP from its superb V6 EcoBoost engine, the supercar his managed to catch the attention of almost everyone throughout the automotive world. All eyes are on the GT as the Detroit Motor Show prepares itself for one of its best shows(…)