Lincoln sales increase by 10% in the Middle East 0

Lincoln, the luxury brand lodged under Ford, has seen their sales increase by 10% in 2012. This will come as fantastic news after Lincoln was seen to be majorly struggling. Combined Ford and Lincoln’s sales increased by 55 per cent. Dealerships have expanded greatly across the region. Altogether passenger cars hit a 38 per cent(…)

The new Ford Focus Shelby ST 1

The new Ford Focus Shelby ST is a currently being showcased at the Detroit Motor Show. It is a modified version of the standard Focus ST. The car has a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine under the bonnet, the same as the standard ST. The vehicle’s performance has however been altered with more advanced parts. This(…)

The new Ford B-Max with sliding doors 0

We’ve all seen the advert. The new Ford B-Max has no pillars in the middle and has sliding doors. That’s its biggest selling point. This allows someone to dive straight down the middle of the car from a diving board if they wished. It’s an overall great family car which fits in nicely between a(…)

Ford in China 0

Ford has spoken of China’s current traffic crisis, saying that they should embrace electric cars. More and more Chinese cities have become over crowded with congestion and Ford has urged the Chinese Government to implement measures to prevent it. A staggering 350 million people are expected to move to Chinese cities over the next twenty(…)

The Ford Fiesta Magnet 0

Ford has made their Fiesta a lot faster over in South Africa. Their limited edition Fiesta Magnet model will have just 75 units made, being made available last month in November. The car is the whole package. It has strong performance credentials, a nicely designed interior and extra exterior styling elements attached. Under the bonnet(…)

Can the MKZ help Lincoln? 0

Lincoln, Ford’s luxury brand has to set their sights on self-driving technology.  Considering that road safety fears are rife across the United States at present, Lincoln’s latest attempt will help to ease fears. The MKZ is being hyped up. Lincoln is currently struggling and has been for many years, with their reputation not quite what(…)

The Ford Focus ST in South Africa 0

The Ford Focus ST is expected to make a great impact over in South Africa. It will be against the popular models of the Volkswagen Golf GTI and the Renault Megane RS.  The third generation of the ST looks to be quite a fantastic vehicle. The four cylinder 2.0 litre EcoBoost engine will be the(…)

The Ford Figo redesigned in India 0

The new Ford Figo has been redesigned in its home market of India. According to the American car giant, the new redesigned model has up to 100 new changes. Ford will be hoping their new revitalised model helps turn the fortunes of their brand in India following months of disappointing sales. Michael Boneham, the Ford(…)

A look back at the Ford Focus ST at the 2012 SEMA show 0

The Ford Focus ST made a huge impact at the 2012 SEMA show. We were lucky enough to see five different heavily customised ST Hatchbacks at the event. Steeda, Cosworth and Galpin have all contributed towards the vehicle’s modifications at the SEMA show. Each model was powered by 2.0 litre EcoBoost engines, a very special(…)

Ford closures, the effect on the UK economy 0

Ford’s closures throughout the UK are sure to affect the automotive industry in a very negative manner. 1,400 jobs are set to go at Ford. The recent announcement made headlines throughout the UK. Despite Britain overcoming a double dip recession, the news that Ford are certain to cut around 1,400 jobs has brought a sour(…)