Ford to get even greener 0

Ford is one of the leaders within the automotive industry when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly ways of working. Nowadays we don’t go too long before we hear of Ford taking on yet another greener method of car production. This time round Ford is working on using natural fibre materials. They have joined forces(…)

Ford’s problems in Europe to hit areas of the UK 0

Ford UK will be affected by the problems surrounding the European car market, as reported yesterday. As the news story progresses everyone is learning exactly what areas are to be affected and the numbers. It has been confirmed that jobs in Warley and Dunton are set to go. In total, Ford has said that 500(…)

Ford ready to cut jobs in the UK and Europe 1

Ford’s struggles in Europe have hit an all time low with the company announcing that they are ready to cut jobs. The company are prospering in their homeland of the United States but are struggling a great deal in the European region. Demand has fallen thanks to the Euro Zone crisis. Families are struggling to(…)

The Ford Fusion rolling hot on the heels of the Toyota Camry 0

The 2013 Ford Fusion was released in hope of competing with the Toyota Camry. That’s quite a tough ask as the Camry is a very popular car over in the United States. There have been many “wanabe” challengers to the Camry. There seems to never be a worthy challenge to the vehicle. Toyota always comes(…)

Ford avoid rare earth usage 0

Ford is avoiding the use of rare earth in order to make the company more economical. They are saving around 227,000 kg of rare earth materials every year. There are also savings on the cost of developing each car at the same time. The change has come from Ford’s new electric batteries. Rare earth materials(…)

Alan Mulally sending out a message to Europe 0

The Ford CEO Alan Mulally has been promoting the company in Amsterdam as part of their “One Ford” strategy. He clearly outlined his intentions of the scheme expanding faster across the region under the slogan “Go Further”. The idea of the One Ford strategy is to base all vehicles that are released around the world(…)

American rivals Ford and General Motors commit to Europe 0

Rivals Ford and General Motors have plenty in common. This includes their desire to become the best in the American market as well as their European market slump. Both are struggling across on our shores thanks to the Euro Zone crisis. Both are set to lose billions of dollars thanks to a dramatic fall in(…)

Ford India steadily getting better and better 0

Official statistics read out that Ford’s performance is on the up in India.  Sales in India during August increased by 16 per cent when compared August in 2011. Both wholesales and exports were taken into account. In total 10,352 Ford vehicles were sold last month. August saw Ford export 2,512 cars. As far as exports(…)

How Ford is tackling the Euro Zone crisis 0

Ford is losing money in Europe. In effect it is proving to be a major disadvantage in their battle with General Motors in Europe. The Euro Zone crisis is affecting the largest named car makers in the world. The simple truth is that there are more cars being produced than there are customers who are(…)

Finally, Ford Sync is coming to the UK 0

We’ve been saying how great it would be if the Ford Sync system came here to the UK but finally it appears that we may get the privilege. The 2013 Ford Focus electric is set to come with the sophisticated in car software. Other models are certain to follow suit in the future. The Ford(…)