Ford worried about the state of the European economy 0

Like all other mass car producers in Europe, Ford is worrying about the state of the European car market. They are now planning on reviewing their five year internal business plan in order to take into consideration their recent failures within the European market. Currently Ford is second behind General Motors in the American car(…)

The Ford Focus 1.0 sets new world records 0

For those of you, who assumed that the Ford Focus would be a slow coach, maybe you should think again. The exceptional vehicle has set 16 new FIA world records for cars with engines 1.0 litre or below. It must be mentioned that during the tests, the Ford Focus 1.0 litre was being driven by(…)

Ford’s steady progress in China 1

Ford is one of the world’s most famous car brands, selling extremely in established car markets such as here in the UK as well its home nation, the United States. However the company understand that they have to step up their game in the world’s largest car market, China if they are to topple main(…)

Music streaming of the highest class with Ford 0

Ford has combined with MOG Sync AppLink to bring about top class music streaming. Ford fans and owners over in the United States will be delighted to hear the news. Access to over 15 million tracks! Their new music system will deliver an on-demand music service available to Ford AppLink users. The Ford Sync in(…)

Is Ford planning to unleash the Fiesta RS? 0

Ford may be adding the RS badge to their ever popular Fiesta if reports are be believed. We normally hear of the RS badge on the Ford Focus but it seems the American based company are looking to head in a new direction. When we heard rumours of a new RS model being developed by(…)

Ford uses their SYNC system to offer cheaper motor insurance 1

Emerging reports from the United States have confirmed that Ford is set to join forces with State Farm in order to lower the cost of car insurance for motorists. This will be done using Ford’s SYNC In-Car Connectivity System. Only available to those with Ford’s SYNC system This will mean that owners of Ford’s equipped(…)