The new Ford Focus Zetec S 0

The all new Ford Focus Zetec S is a sportier version of the standard Focus. It offers many practicalities of what the normal Focus can but with extra speed and performance. In our article today we take a look at the car and discuss exactly why it could be a hit on the UK car(…)

Ford clean up in New Zealand 0

The brand new Ford Focus has managed to fend off competition and claim the car of the year prize in New Zealand. The very best motoring journalists and commentators decided upon exactly what car would receive the award. MWG The journalists in question are all members of the Motoring Writers’ Guild (MWG) with there being(…)

The American Ford Fusion Review 0

We take a look at the American based Ford Fusion today. It is Ford’s bestselling car in North America, like the version of Ford Fiesta over here. It’s popularity has dramatically increased since being released in 2006 and has got even better this time round. Can it take Ford to the next level? The first(…)

News on the Ford Max range 0

Today we have some news to report on the Ford B-Max, C-Max and S-Max from across the world. Ford C-Max and the Ford S-Max winning awards We start off with the Ford C-Max winning the compact multi purpose vehicle 2012 prize from the Business Car Awards this year. This wasn’t the only award that the(…)

Ford and General Motors in dispute over Super Bowl advert 0

The Super Bowl advert slots are the most sought after every year in any part of the world. General Motors’ advertising slot has caused an up roar with their main American rivals Ford. The General Motors advert itself The actual advert contains men who survive a previously predicted apocalypse. Those who survived were owners of(…)

Ford focused on rebranding Lincoln 0

As mentioned on our blog before, Ford is planning to completely rebrand their luxury Lincoln brand. We discuss a certain unique type of strategy in which they are planning to embark on. Younger customers According to reports in America, Ford are looking at ways of adopting the approach of some high class hotels rather than(…)

Ford wants more profit as opposed to sales 0

Ford wants the new Fusion to overtake the Toyota Camry in the American market. However it may not be the way that everyone assumes at first. They want to be more profitable, sales figures do not matter. Fewer Fusion’s produced compared to Camry’s Ford CEO and Chief Executive Officer Alan Mulally has said that he(…)

Ford strategy for a more sustainable process 0

Ford hope to cut landfill waste by a staggering 70 % in just five years across the European region. This coincides with plans to reduce water usage by 30 % too (As reported by us on the 5th January – Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production Cutting down on the water usage(…)

Ford could pull out of Liverpool if Halewood leisure centre is built 0

Ford is threatening to pull out of the city of Liverpool if a £30 million leisure is eventually built near to them. Liverpool City Council have ignored protests from some of the public and Ford and decided to go ahead with the development. There will be 325 permanent jobs created with the development being built(…)

More on the new Ford EcoBoost Engine 2

Ford has released new details on its new 1.0 litre Ecoboost petrol engine which is set to appear on the Focus next month. The engine promises to be something quite special. It will be highly economical as you may have already guessed from the size of the engine and at the same time offer some(…)