Ford – self driving cars here in 10 years 0

Ford have said earlier this week that auto pilot within cars could be here within 10 years. The great grandson and current boss of Ford, Bill Ford has said that autonomous vehicles are edging that bit closer to becoming a presence on our roads. Speaking at an international conference, Mr Ford said that computerised vehicle(…)

Ford makes a positive impact in Cleveland 0

Today we report some great news regarding Ford’s operations in Cleveland. A third shift will be introduced at the Engine Plant in May of this year. This is where the new special Ford EcoBoost engine is set to be built. As it’s time of release and demand is getting closer and is also increasing, the(…)

Ford’s virtual reality safe driving simulator 0

Ford has upgraded their Virtual Test Track Experiment simulator (also known as Virttex). Now the intelligent and useful pod will come with a more sophisticated manner of studying the performance of drivers. The image rendering technology built within has also been greatly improved. What the Virttex is used for The technology isn’t new. It has(…)

Ford will add $3.8 billion into pension plan 1

Ford is set to add a staggering $3.8 billion into their pension plan. Board members are set to receive a 25 per cent increase in annual compensation. Edsel Ford II, the great Grandson of the original Ford owner and a current Director and Consultant is set to receive a 29 per cent pay increase. Edsel(…)

Ford’s exportations plans 0

After only being destined for the Indian automotive market and other similar car markets, Ford now want to create a larger export market for the Ford Figo. Following its tremendous success, Ford plan to ship out the car to 51 countries around the globe by the end of the year. Indian sales of the car(…)

Ford to expand in China 0

Car sales in China will increase by 5% this year according to the Ford China’s head of Operations. That will represent a second consecutive year of growth for what is the world’s largest automotive market. Ford sales to be higher than the average The President of Ford Asia Pacific Africa, Joseph Hinrichs has said that(…)

Alan Mulally is going nowhere 0

Ford’s President  and CEO Alan Mulally  has confirmed he will not be retiring next year.The statement comes after two top executives left the American car giant. Board members retiring Influential board members Chief Financial Offer Lewis Booth, 63, and Group Vice President of Global Product Development Derrick Kuzak, 60, will both retire on April the 1st(…)

Another look at the Ford B-Max 0

Ford unveiled another version of the Ford B-Max which will be the one that is put into final production. After viewing the last version at the Geneva Motor Show, which was a concept car, many experts and journalists are full of praise for the car once again.Most importantly the car will receive Ford’s new 1.0 EcoBoost(…)

The new Ford Hybrid to reach 47 MPG 0

The brand new hybrid car from Ford is expected to hit a staggering 47 MPG. According to Ford the new model will be America’s most fuel efficient non rechargeable sedan. That will be quite a title to live up to. The 47 MPG figure mentioned is more than that of the Toyota Prius plug in(…)

The new Ford Fusion helping you stick to your lane 0

We have a great bit of news for American Ford Fusion fans in today’s article. News from across the Atlantic states that the new version of the car destined for America this year will have an all new “Lane Assist” system, dramatically increasing the cars safety credentials. Not usually associated with non-luxury cars You may(…)