Ford may build new car assembly in Indonesia 1

Ford are said to be considering building a brand new assembly plant in Indonesia. The company are clearly hoping to gain a larger stake in the emerging Asian market next year. The Indonesian automotive market Sales have increased by 17 % in Indonesia for Ford last year, selling a total of 893,240, which was an(…)

The new MyFord smart phone App 0

Ford has created a new smart phone app that goes hand in hand with the brand new Ford Focus electric. Ford has revealed its functionalities, with many of the automotive press praising the app. The MyFord Mobile app will be made available to all three smart phone operating systems, the iOS, Blackberry OS and Android.(…)

Ford voice controlled iHeartRadio 0

A very interesting piece of news regarding Ford’s in car technology has recently emerged in America. They have installed the iHeartRadio app within one of their models which functions through voice control. The service is free and provides over 800 of America’s best known digital only stations and popular live broadcasts and digital only stations.(…)

The brand new Ford Mondeo 0

The all new fifth generation Ford Mondeo has finally been officially unveiled by Ford. We can expect the car go on sale in early 2013. Same version for everyone The Ford Mondeo is set to be unchanged for car markets across the world, meaning every country will have the same build. The same strategy will(…)

Ford unleash the EcoSport in India 0

We previously reported that Ford’s Indian website gave a sneak preview on their website of a new EcoSport vehicle. It was swiftly taken down and was deemed to be a mistake by the American car company. Following that news, it will not come as a surprise that the company has now officially revealed the new(…)

Ford to introduce new family car to Japan 0

Ford is set to take advantage of the recovering Japanese automotive market by offering a brand new midsize saloon to the country. Surprise They are set to revamp the Ford Fusion and specialise it for other markets around the world. In what is considered quite a surprising move, Ford will give a huge makeover to(…)

Your new Ford to be made of recycled plastic bottles 0

Ford has announced that they plan to use recycled plastic bottles when creating new vehicles such as the Ford Focus Electric.Ford is planning to use 2 million old plastic bottles from landfills. We recently published an article on the 5th January named “Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production”. This article explains how(…)

Ford Number 1 in Canada yet again 0

Ford has topped the Canadian sales charts once again. For second consecutive year, Ford Canada has beaten every other vehicle producer. The American automotive giants managed to increase their sales by 3 % last year over 2010. The total sales figure equated to 275,978 units. The truck sector The Ford F Series pickup truck was(…)

Ford aim to reduce water usage for car production 2

Following Volkswagen’s announcement to make their factories less harmful to the environment, Ford is following suit.Ford aim to reduce water usage during production of cars by 30 per cent. Water is the most important natural resource on earth, despite the likes of diamonds and oil making tycoons billions of pounds. 40,000 gallons used per car(…)

Ford Flex Titanium AWD Review 0

The Ford Flex Titanium AWD is one the most extraordinary vehicles currently available on the American market. It’s a vehicle especially designed for America, as the sheer size of the car gives away. Today we take a look as to why it is one of the most talked about cars in the American automotive industry. Design(…)