Ford hit profit for the third year in a row 0

Ford’s staffs are set for a bonus after helping the company make profit for the third year in a row. The profit margin itself was the largest for 13 years. Staff bonus Thanks to strong sales in North America, Ford’s losses did not make much of an impact. In effect 41,600 hourly staff throughout America(…)

Ford workers will receive a bonus 0

Ford workers who receive a fill salary are due to receive raises and a bonus. This will be a first from Ford since 2008. 20,000 of them received the good news via a letter. The news clearly indicates that Ford are performing very strongly financially. Ford’s profit before tax equated to $8.3 billion. The increased(…)

Ford to increase the EcoBoost Vehicle Production Capacity 0

This year Ford are said to be planning to increase their vehicle production capacity of the Ford Triple EcoBoost. The fuel efficient EcoBoost (TM) engines are set to be installed into 11 different models this year. In 2011 that number was just four. In effect this triples the amount of Ford EcoBoost engines to be(…)

Ford sales up in the Middle East 0

Ford has recorded brilliant sales results over in the Middle East last year. Passenger as well as Sports Utility vehicles were instrumental in helping the company strive to new levels across the region. Statistics Around 65,000 of passenger and SUV vehicles were sold across the Middle Eastern car market in 2011. This represents a tremendous(…)

Ford Galaxy Review 0

After already reviewing the previous generation of the Galaxy we take a look at the latest one today. It is the number one choice for a large family amongst many motorists around the UK. We take a look at our favourite features of the car in our article today. Safety One of the Ford Galaxy’s(…)

Ford’s Lincoln plans 0

As reported by us back in November, Ford is planning to completely revive their luxury Lincoln brand following a poor recent run of results. No longer number one In 2011, the Lincoln brand sold just 85,000 cars. When comparing that figure to the company’s peak in 1990, they are 63 % down. Over the years(…)

Ford sales on the up in Europe 0

Ford has reported high sales in Europe from 2011. Their 51 markets saw an overall growth of 2.4 %, selling 36,700 more units. In total the American car giants recorded a 1,578,400 figure.  December sales increased by 2.4 % too over the company’s main 19 markets. However annual sales dipped by 1.3 %. The Ford(…)

Ford recalls 525,000 vehicles 0

It would seem that plenty of auto manufacturers are making mistakes in production and recalling record numbers of cars. Ford is the latest to do so. The company have recalled 525,000 vehicles due to safety fears. The vehicles in questions can apparently catch fire and suffer from power loss problems. 425,000 of the vehicles being(…)

Ford Mondeo Estate Review 0

We have already taken a look at the Ford Mondeo Hatchback, describing just what a brilliant car it is. Today we look at the Estate version and take a look at all of its best features. Practicality When putting both the Ford Mondeo Estate and Hatchback version against each other, the major difference is the(…)

Ford India going in the right direction 0

Ford is looking to expand their business throughout India after a successful 2011. The American giants are clearly taking advantage of the one of the fastest growing car markets, with many expecting India to be the third largest by 2020. India a major driving force – Alan Mullay Alan Mullay, the Ford CEO and a(…)