Ford make a host of improvement to the new Focus 0

The new American Ford Focus has been greatly enhanced with a host of wonderful new features. Ever since the car has been released there have been a number of extra of developments allowing the vehicle to stay ahead as a family favourite in many car markets throughout the world. Although the car will be the(…)

Ford pay out shareholders for the first time in 5 years 0

Ford has ended a 5 year drought by paying their shareholders. Ford, who is the second largest car producer in America, declared a 5 cent quarterly dividend over the weekend. This was made possible after the company earned an enormous $1.65 billion in the third quarter of 2011. That in itself was also a record(…)

The Ford Fiesta EcoSport SUV/Crossover 0

Ford has reportedly revealed details of their Ford Fiesta EcoSport SUV/Crossover through their Indian website by mistake. It appeared as the “Fiesta EcoSport” on the website. Rumours There have been rumours for months now that Ford was looking to create a SUV / Crossover version of the Ford Fiesta. The rumours were rife when spy(…)

Ford shifts production from Mexico to Ohio 0

As promised, Ford has transferred projects in Mexico to the USA. Employees in Ohio will now have further responsibilities and prospects, with 1,400 jobs saved. The move of a truck assembly operation works hand in hand with part of an agreement for Ford to transfer work overseas to the United States of America. Did the(…)

Ford looking for shadow successor 0

Ford is looking to appoint a Chief Operating Officer who could closely with the current Chief Executive Alan Mulally with the intention to succeed him after Mr Mulally decides to retire. American reports describe the news as hiring a COO. Ford are clearly looking to the future and planning of ways to move forward once(…)

Can the new Falcon save Ford? 0

The new generation of the Ford Falcon needs to be introduced as soon as possible into the Australian market, according to reports. Poor sales At present, the six cylinder Falcon is not performing well in terms of sales and sold disastrously last month. The new four cylinder version is expected to bring prosperity back to(…)

The Ford Kuga to replace the Escape in America 0

Ford are set for a drastic change in terms of their SUV line up in Australia by killing off the Ford Escape and replacing it with the Ford Kuga. The ageing Ford Escape was due for a refresh with the company looking for a new compact SUV to lead the way in Australia. The car(…)

Ford sales increase in India and Canada 0

The Canadian and Indian divisions of Ford are reporting positive sales figures, according to reports. Ford India Sales in India have increased by 30% this year. Both wholesale and export sales result in 111,631 cars sold from January to November of 2011. Compared to the same time period last year, this represents a 30% increase.(…)

The Ford Maverick 0

The Ford Maverick was in production from 2001 until 2003. Although its production years didn’t last very long it was a great 4×4 vehicle which contained many great features. In today’s article we take a look at what we believe are some of the car’s best features. 3.0 litre The Ford Maverick did have some(…)