2013 Ford Shelby GT500 0

The world’s most powerful V8 car has been unveiled in America in form of the 2013 Ford Shelby GT500. The car has a tremendous amount of power which equates to 650 BHP with 600 lb.ft of torque. The V8 aluminium built block built engine is indeed the most powerful V8 available.  The car’s top speed(…)

Ford Evos to debut at the USA 0

The Ford Evos is set to be showcased in America for the first time. The spectacular looking concept car took the automotive industry by storm when official images were released back in August. When it was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, it received plenty of praise from motor fans and expert journalists(…)

Ford Escape to get new seating plan 0

The Ford Escape is set to receive a new seating design within the cabin ready for the 2013 model. The SUV will now have seats that are made of lighter materials but are made to be more comfortable. Ford has said that the front seats will made 10% lighter. This will be done using laser(…)

Ford workers threaten to strike over pensions 0

Ford’s staff are threatening to go on strike over a pension row. We have reported a similar story which involved Ford America. The potential Ford strike on this side of the Atlantic seems almost like a mirror of actions that were taken in America recently. If the strike does go ahead, it will the first(…)

The new Ford Flex crossover 1

There are confirmed reports from America that Ford has revealed about a new Flex crossover. The Ford Flex was showcased at the Los Angles Motor Show and will be ready for 2013. Many automotive experts were left quite surprised by the car’s release as the Ford Explorer is a very similar vehicle. Both are able(…)

Ford Ranger Review 0

Today we review the Ford Ranger, a vehicle which is quite rare amongst the UK roads. There isn’t much a market for the pickup truck this side of the Atlantic Ocean but it doesn’t mean that the car doesn’t contain some great features. We review our favourite attributes of the car in today’s article. Practicality(…)

MyFord glitches to be fixed 0

Ford’s touch screen system MyFord is set for a major repair operation. Ford’s reputation is said to be majorly suffering from this setback. Many have complained of failures on the system. Not only have customers suffered from this but their opinion of Ford has taken a negative turn. When looking at the system, everything appears(…)

The Ford Focus ST to arrive in America next year 0

It has been announced that the Ford Focus   ST will arrive in America next year. This will be the first time that the car will be made available on the other side of the Atlantic. There were doubts raised by the company as many weren’t sure of how well the car would be received in(…)

News on Ford India 0

There has been recent news arising from Ford India regarding poor domestic sales results and a new focus on diesel models. The Ford India President Michael Boneham claimed many motorists in the country are swaying towards diesel models due to the increasing prices of petrol. He said “Petrol prices are high. I think, for us(…)

The electric Ford Focus 0

An electric Ford Focus is set to hit 19 different markets next year. Just when you thought the car couldn’t get any greener? Surprisingly Ford has taken a while to enter to electric car market. Many have put that down to a slow rise in that particular market. Nevertheless it is starting to pick up.(…)