Feeling sleepy while driving? Ford has the right remedy 0

The Ford Driver Alert System adds to the companies array of new in-car road safety technology. Being introduced as an addition to the Ford SYNC infotainment system, the new Ford Driver Alert system detects drowsy drivers. Clever It’s a very intelligent piece of technology from Ford. The direction and movement is closely monitored for unusual(…)

Ford in the same boat as others in Thailand 0

Production for Ford in Thailand has halted. The devastating floods in the country have had a severe effect on the automotive industry throughout the world.Ford has suffered from supply of parts following the floods. It is estimated that 30,000 vehicles set for production could be affected. Toyota has also announced a halt of North American(…)

The grass isn’t greener on the other side for Ford 0

Just as we reported that Ford has made a 10th consecutive quarterly profit thanks to success in America, news has emerged that they are not doing so well on the other side of the world. Many different factors have meant that the company’s performance in Europe and Asia has dipped. One of those factors is(…)

$1.65 billion profit on SUV Sales for Ford 0

Ford has reported a $1.65 billion profit in the USA for SUV sales for the third quarter of this year. This is reported as the second biggest record in their history. The Ford SUV section of the company’s American line-up in particular has had a major impact in helping the company achieve such great profits.(…)

Ford taking the SEMA show seriously 0

Ford is to revamp three of the American based models in time for the SEMA show.The Ford F-150, Ford F-350 and the Ford Explorer are set to be revamped and modified for display at the SEMA show from the 1st of November to the 4th in Las Vegas. More than 100,000 fans are expected to(…)

Ford Escort Review 0

We take a look back at one the most iconic cars in the UK, the Ford Escort. It lasted 11 years in production coming with some great features.Our favourite features about the car are highlighted in our article today. Running Costs Buying the Ford Escort won’t set you back much at all. Running the car(…)

Ford Fusion production move brings 4000 jobs to the USA 0

American Ford Jobs are set to surge. The company are moving operations from Mexico and other parts of the world to the USA. This was confirmed in our earlier report as one of the factors that allowed strike action to be called off. Harley Shaiken, a Labour Professor was quoted to have said “Jobs have(…)

Ford limited edition Hurricane Endeavour SUV 0

Ford are releasing a limited edition Hurricane Endeavour in India. It is a timely invention with it coinciding with Diwalli, the biggest festival in the country. Will Ford’s way of cashing in work? Every year, residents who celebrate the Diwalli festival purchase new cars as a way of celebrating. What would attract residents to purchase(…)

Ford allow you to text while you drive 0

The title may have taken you by surprise but it’s true, to a certain extent. Ford is introducing a new piece of technology where you will be able to text while you drive. It comes as part of the Ford SYNC package. As you drive, your text messages will be read out loud to you.(…)

Ford to close St. Paul factory on 19th December 0

It has been confirmed that the Ford Factory in St. Paul is to close just before Christmas on December 19th. Union officials have already been told the news by Ford. United Auto Workers Chairman, Jim Eagle, said that Union Officials were formally given notice of the closure yesterday. After previous delays of shutting the plant(…)