Ford Focus B-Max Concept 0

Earlier this year we saw Ford showing the new B-Max concept at the Geneva Motor Show. It has been confirmed that the car will go on sale as of early next year, to add to the range that already boasts the C-Max.  The multipurpose vehicle market looks set to gain a new entrant. We take(…)

The new Ford Fiesta ST Concept 0

The Frankfurt Motor Show is highly anticipated and always seems to create headlines. Ford have managed to spring a surprise this year by introducing a new Ford Fiesta ST concept car at the Frankfurt car show. The unveiling of the new Ford Concept today represents their intentions of creating a higher performance of their Fiesta(…)

Ford C-Max Review 0

The Ford C-Max has taken the UK market by storm since its arrival in 2003. It’s a multipurpose vehicle that really stands out within its class. It has been introduced into the American market recently thanks to its tremendous success around Europe. Our review looks at some specific characteristics that we believe make the car(…)

Ford Mondeo Hatchback Review 0

Today we look at an iconic family car which seems to continually grow from strength to strength. Since its introduction in the early 1990’s, the Ford Mondeo Hatchback has evolved spectacularly and continues to be one of the UK’s number one family cars. We take a look into some the features of the latest models(…)

Ford Focus Estate review 0

We have discussed the Ford already in previous articles, but today we look at estate version. It may not be to everyone’s tastes but we take a look as to why it can actually be a fantastic option for many motorists. Driving the car Many experts recommend buying the Ford Focus estate purely on the(…)

Ford Kuga Review 0

The uniquely named Ford Kuga is one the best SUV’s available on the market. It’s a special type of vehicle, which offers many great features. In this article we take a look at some the reasons as to why it has been successful. Practicality One great feature about the car is the excellent practicality that(…)

Ford ECOnetic technology to spread 0

Ford has announced plans to expand their ECOnetic line-up from the Focus to the Fiesta. Ford has claimed that the new Focus will be the most economical non-hybrid family car in Europe. Ford is boasting a new range of cars that isn’t based on pure electricity but uses fuel. Their developments and plans are quite(…)

What makes the Ford KA so interesting? 0

The Ford KA is one of the talked about cars in the whole nation. It’s catches people’s interest, thanks to many reasons. It’s seen as one the most popular small cars in the whole of the UK. Starting production in the mid 1990’s, it is now 15 years old and in its second generation. The(…)

Ford Evos -the start of a new generation 1

Check out the spectacular new supercar from Ford. It has a very striking look, when it’s idle or driving. What is most outstanding is perhaps the way the doors open, some may mistake it for something out of Transformers. The car is said to be as long as the Ford Focus and as wide as(…)

Ford MyKey can dictate the way your children drive 0

Ford MyKey is a new piece of technology that restricts the car to using certain pre-defines settings. Parents worried about the way their children drive around now have a solution.   Passing your driving test brings about great joy and excitement amongst young drivers. For all of that great anticipation of driving, parents are very(…)