Can I get a Mustang? 0

Ford Mustang Although quite rare in the UK, every car enthusiast has heard of the Ford Mustang. It’s a car that many wish to own, with a lot of glory and power coming with the car. The reputation is second to none, all Mustang owners are very proud.You may not be able to afford the(…)

Ford Focus RS 0

A new Ford Focus RS will be available in the future with tremendous improvements . This has been revealed by Gunnar Herrmann, who is in charge of producing small cars for Ford that a new generation will indeed be made. The most exciting development is the boost in power, with the car being the most powerful version ever(…)

How Ford has lasted 100 years in the UK 0

On March 9th 1911 Ford was established in the UK and they haven’t looked back since. This year they celebrate 100 years as a company in the UK. They are the most popular car manufacturer in the UK today. Many would say that the company has localised itself within the UK. Many can relate to(…)

Ford Interim Service 0

An Interim car services are recommended for every 6 months in-between full car services, for motorists who drive a lot throughout the year. (10,000 miles + per year). It will help sustain your car’s safety and ensure important components are working to their best. They are also recommended annually for those who don’t drive their(…)

Ford Full Service 0

A Ford full service ensures all major sections of your car are thoroughly checked. A Full service is recommended on your Ford every 12 months or every 10,000 miles. Your car is much better condition and performs much better when it receives a full service. Further repairs down the line are avoided which saves you(…)

Ford Service Intervals 0

Regular servicing of Ford is necessary to keep your car safe and in running condition. It also helps you to save repairing costs as well. You can find your model’s recommended service intervals here Ford Service Intervals

Ford Focus Servicing 0

The Ford Focus is arguably the most popular car in the UK. It’s reliable, engineered very well and is very beneficial for the modern day family. It is excellent value for money with the car being priced very well for all the benefits that it comes with. Running costs very reasonable indeed, you won’t need(…)

Ford KA Servicing 0

When it was first introduced there was plenty of publicity for being a unique type of vehicle.  Now KA’s are one of the most recognisable cars on the roads today. It’s a city car that’s very popular for its size and how easy it is to manoeuvre and drive. The first generation was very sustainable(…)

Ford Mondeo Servicing 0

The Ford Mondeo continues to be successful since its arrival in the early 1990’s. It’s smooth drive, spacious within and excellent running costs make it a very popular family car. Over 1.3 million Ford Mondeo’s have been sold in the UK since its arrival. Both the petrol and diesel engines make the Mondeo deliver fantastic(…)

Ford Fiesta Servicing 1

The Ford Fiesta is an iconic car which has been very successful throughout all of its generations. The car is placed in the “supermini” class that offers a great driving experience. The car has got slightly larger as it has evolved since it’s introduction in the 1970’s. This also means an increase of power. However(…)