More than 300 jobs to be created at Ford Dagenham 0

Ford has announced that they will create 318 new jobs at their Dagenham factory. The plans come after a £190 million investment for low carbon engines. Production at the Dagenham plant is increasing. The funding will be pushed towards more low carbon diesel engines are in demand for Ford cars and vans. £8.9 million of(…)

Ford Ecosport 1.0 Ecoboost Titanium Review 0

This particular Ford model is the alternative to the 1.5 Ecosport 1.5 litre diesel. Some experts were not particularly fond of the diesel version, so is the petrol version any better? The car was inspired by the idea of the ‘Ford One’, a strategy to make all models adaptable for all worldwide car markets. Initially,(…)

Ford planning to extend their green range 0

Ford is planning to release a range of bespoke green vehicles. The next generation of vehicles will represent Ford’s rival to car’s such as the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf. Currently the Focus hatchback electric is on sale for £28,500 with a £5,000 Government grant. It has an impressive 110 mile range.  The company(…)

Will the Ford GT come back in 2016? 0

The Ford GT is absolutely stunning and unique car. All enthusiasts would love to see a new version on our roads once again. Rumours from the United States suggest that this could be made into a reality. As Ford are reaching it’s 50th anniversary of the victory at Le Mans. If any car was to(…)

The Wellhouse Ford Terrier Campervan 0

Wellhouse Campervans have customised the Ford Transit into a new stunning campervan. It has already been recognised as campervan of the year, received plenty of praise across the industry. Innovations Taking a look at some of the features, it’s easy to see why. There are a couple of very clever innovations. The roof above the(…)

The 2015 Mustang to be released in America 0

The brand new Ford Mustang is on the verge of being released in America. The car offers more technology and power than ever before. There will be an emphasis on fuel efficiency in one of the models, a term not usually associated with the power of the Mustang. The engine choices will come from a(…)

The $1 million Ford Galpin GTR1 0

Ford has released a new vehicle in the United States worth $1 million. The Galpin GTR1 was first seen last year, but this year’s version is even better. Powered by an amazing twin turbocharged 5.4 litre V8, developing an almighty 1,058 BHP and 992 pound-feet of torque, the car can well and truly be described(…)

Ford ‘British’ strategy 0

Ford are hoping to perform a lot better here in the UK. They plan to utilise a strategy which will showcase them as a very British company, localising their advertising campaigns to align themselves with the target audience. Jim Farley, Ford’s global marketing head is to lead the campaign. The strategy is known as a(…)

Ford Kuga increases production 0

The Ford Kuga’s production is set to increase. Following it’s great success last year and with increasing demand, it is now necessary that production is increased. For the first time ever production of the Kuga will reach 100,000 for a year. Family’s are now tending to switch over from saloon cars to SUV’s. In a(…)

Ford Kuga Titanium 2.0 0

The new Ford Kuga Titanium is an underrated car which fell off the radar over the past few years. A newer version has been released to change those perceptions. This version was developed across the Atlantic and was made even bigger. This time round it has even more equipment too. The engine line-up has been(…)