The $1 million Ford Galpin GTR1 0

Ford has released a new vehicle in the United States worth $1 million. The Galpin GTR1 was first seen last year, but this year’s version is even better. Powered by an amazing twin turbocharged 5.4 litre V8, developing an almighty 1,058 BHP and 992 pound-feet of torque, the car can well and truly be described(…)

Ford ‘British’ strategy 0

Ford are hoping to perform a lot better here in the UK. They plan to utilise a strategy which will showcase them as a very British company, localising their advertising campaigns to align themselves with the target audience. Jim Farley, Ford’s global marketing head is to lead the campaign. The strategy is known as a(…)

Ford Kuga increases production 0

The Ford Kuga’s production is set to increase. Following it’s great success last year and with increasing demand, it is now necessary that production is increased. For the first time ever production of the Kuga will reach 100,000 for a year. Family’s are now tending to switch over from saloon cars to SUV’s. In a(…)

Ford Kuga Titanium 2.0 0

The new Ford Kuga Titanium is an underrated car which fell off the radar over the past few years. A newer version has been released to change those perceptions. This version was developed across the Atlantic and was made even bigger. This time round it has even more equipment too. The engine line-up has been(…)

Ford Fiesta ST in America 0

The Ford Fiesta has slowly been introduced into the U.S market offering a stark contrast when compared to other vehicles Ford have to offer. The American auto giant has not officially released figures of how much they intend to sell over the next year. The small car segment is not one that is highly regarded(…)

Ford Tourneo Custom 0

The brand new Ford Tourneo Custom offers superb practicality with greater economy. It doesn’t look so great but it certainly makes up for it in other areas. In terms of a people carrier, there are not many much better vehicles. The very latest technology is one of the vehicle’s greatest assets. This includes torque vectoring(…)

Jeremy Clarkson’s going to love the new Mustang… 0

Ford is so confident that their new Ford Mustang will be well taken too, they have stated even Jermemy Clarkson will love it. Clarkson, known for fronting the hugely popular BBC 2 car show Top Gear is one of the most respected car critics in the UK. He was recently highly critical of the latest(…)

Full speed ahead for Ford in China 0

Ford are progressing extremely well in China it has been reported. The American company has been expanding their line-up and are producing some great results. The Chinese car market is a very difficult to break into, given that are already so many dominant foreign car brands already in the country. Ford have done extremely well(…)

Alan Mulally gets a £8 million bonus 0

Alan Mulally has received approximately £8 million as a bonus based on performances last year. He was also awarded 745,526 shares in stock options. They are worth $12.45 a share. Does Mulally deserve a big bonus? He has been labelled as the man responsible for creating such a huge turnaround in the company when they(…)

Lincoln sales increase by 10% in the Middle East 0

Lincoln, the luxury brand lodged under Ford, has seen their sales increase by 10% in 2012. This will come as fantastic news after Lincoln was seen to be majorly struggling. Combined Ford and Lincoln’s sales increased by 55 per cent. Dealerships have expanded greatly across the region. Altogether passenger cars hit a 38 per cent(…)